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Filter Self-rescuers

ZL serial filter self-rescuer is a kind of portable breathing protective device especially to filter and convert CO into CO2 for underground coal miners.


Protecting the underground miners against the harmfulness of poisonous gas CO as underground fire or methane explosion happened or in the other CO-polluted environment with O2 concentration not less than 18% and CO content not over 1.5%.

Working Principle:

The self-rescuer has kinds of chemicals inside, drying agent and hopcalite. When the self-rescuer is worn, the poisonous air will be dried through the drying agent firstly and converted into the nonpoisonous gas CO2 through the hopcalite. Finally, the air will be inhaled through the heat dissipater and mouthpiece, heat dissipater and exhaling value into the air.

Main Technical Parameters:

1、Rated protection time: 60mins and 90mins respectively at 0.25% CO by volume and 30L/min breathing capacity during the effective protection period, the CO penetration concentration is not over 200ppm and the total penetration quantity of CO not over 200ml.

2、Inhaling temperature: not over 60℃ for the inhaled filtration air at the mouthpiece in the environment of 1% CO.



Breathing Resistance

Breathing capacity

Inhaling resistance

Exhaling resistance






Dimension and Weight



L x W x H(mm)




100 x 94 x 145



100 x 94 x 122


Working part

85 x 75 x 130




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