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 KL3LM(A) -5+


The mining lamp is a kind of lighting lamp with LED as light source and lithium battery as power, being applicable for work lighting at the working site of mine and other mobile situation.

A.       No maintenance, small volume, light weight, high illumination, long service life.

B.       Quick charging, corrosion proof, waterproof, dustproof, explosion proof and high anti-dynamic ductility, then can be safely used in bad environment.

C.      Constant illuminating power, no attenuation.

D.     The mining lamp would automatically twinkle for five times as warning before there is left the battery capacity about two hours to run out.

E.       Integral seal, structure compaction, without bondage of the cable.

F.       Have two lighting models: one is high lighting model with one large power LED and the other is power saving model with four pcs of small power LED, and power saving model is usually used for long time lighting under special condition in order to meet the best power saving requirement.

G.      It is injection molding with PC fire retardant material and ABS engineering plastics.

H.      Have automatic protective function with overflowing, overvoltage, overdischarge, overcharge, short-circuit and overtemperature.



Rated Voltage

Rated Current

Rated Capacitance

Working Time

Charging Time

Battery Service Life






Charge-discharge ≥500 Times


Working Temperature

Storage Temperature

Overall Dimensions


≥1000Lux(at beginning)

≥1000Lux(after using 11h)





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