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MQT Series Pneumatic Roof Bolter always take a leading position in roof supporting industry, specially in following aspects: higher output power; higher rotate speed and drilling power; convenient operation and maintenance to the air & water control valve; and special silencer bringing comfortable working condition, etc. And each model can be equipped with drilling rod with two connection types, B19 and B22.
ZQS-65/2.5 portable pneumatic drilling machine owns the biggest drilling power among the same type machines. And it also has perfect rate of performance and weight: 12kg, but 2.2kw for drilling power. Comparing with electric drilling machine, the portable pneumatic drilling machine is more convenient on delivery and operation with lower cubage, lighter weight and free of blocking drilling. Advanced silencer reduces the noise. Comparing with other similar drilling machines, this machine’s torque is bigger, especially perfect when drilling deep hole in hard coal. It is specially used in exploring, discharging gas and water in drilling work, and also can be used in drilling, mixing and bolt installing in coal tunnel and coal-rock tunnel.
MQTB-80/2.1 pneumatic prop rib bolter is designed for reducing labor intensity and improving working efficiency. This machine has such advantages: easy operation, stable action, and no anti-torque through prop supporting the body weight. Comparing with the portable pneumatic drilling machine, it has larger torque and power, and especially used for drilling hole in hard coal tunnel and coal-rock tunnel with strong hardness.
MYT series hydraulic roof bolter is driven by hydraulic system and possessing features of reliable performance and simple corollary equipments. It is mainly used in drilling hole in the mine tunnel and tunnel and roof bolting in the coal tunnel. With features of large torque, high rotate speed and low noise, the MYT series hydraulic roof bolter is widely applicable to various geologic condition and environment. Precise designed rotator and scientific flux assignment ensure the long service life, and humanized operating system makes it safe and comfortable in using.

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